Parents of VIRTUAL LEARNERS who choose in-person MAP testing for the week of September 21.

If you choose in-person MAP testing, it will occur by grade levels (LOCATION: BOY’S GYM):

Wednesday 9/23/2020 -- 7th grade in-person MAP testing (Reading/Math/Science)

Thursday 9/24/2020 -- 6th grade in-person MAP testing (Reading/Math/Science)

Friday 9/25/2020 -- 8th grade in-person MAP testing (Reading/Math/Science)

Students need to bring: Chromebook, headphones, and their own water bottles.

Transportation: Students will test all day with us in reading, math, and science. Please drop and pick up your student in the front of the school. If you need bus transportation, please use this link to find your route and pick up/drop off times: .

Health and Safety: Students will need to be in dress code, wear a mask, pass the health screener, and a temperature check. Students will follow safety and social distancing protocol. 

The MAP schedule will be the same for all grade levels. Reading will be tested from 8:45-11:45 with a lunch break, math will be from 11:45-2:30 with a break, and science will test from 2:30-3:55.

* Information about Zoom Map testing the week of 9/28 will be sent out next week if your student does not attend one of the sessions above.

Upcoming Testing Dates:

MAP Virtual Students In-Person

9/23: 7th grade

9/24: 6th grade

9/25: 8th grade 

MAP Virtual Students Zoom Proctor

9/29: 8th grade

9/30: 7th grade

10/1: 6th grade

10/7 PSAT

-All 8th graders will be testing F2F for PSAT.

-All 6th and 7th graders will be working virtually from home on this day. 


Please fill out the MAP survey that was sent to your emails last week for your preference of MAP Testing in person or virtually. (In case you did not receive the email with the survey link, here is the link to notify us of your choice:

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