School Compact

2020-2021 School/Home Compact

Our Vision: As a SOMS community, we commit to providing a hiqh-quality education for all students.

Staff Commitment:

I will:

  • Provide ways for you to be involved in your child’s schooling
  • Work hard; be kind; embrace challenges; learn daily; no excuses


Teacher Signature_________________­____________                                      Date____________________________

  • Provide a high quality education for every student
  • Provide a positive, safe and secure classroom community
  • Meet your child’s individual needs
  • Inform you of your child’s development and progress on an ongoing basis
  • Be available for parent-teacher conferences

Student Commitment:

I will:

  • Read every day
  • Work hard; be kind; embrace challenges; learn daily; no excuses


Student Signature__________________________________                           Date____________________________

  • Be fully engaged in every class every day
  • Listen attentively
  • Demonstrate respect and kindness
  • Do my work at school and at home

Parent Commitment:

I will:

  • Ensure that my child is fully engaged in every class every day
  • Assist my child with homework as needed and check it daily
  • Encourage my child to read everyday and let my child see me read
  • Be sure my child is healthy, has good eating/sleeping habits and medical care
  • Support the school’s discipline plan
  • Be available for parent-teacher conferences
  • Participate in school functions whenever possible during the year


Parent Signature____________________________________                         Date____________________________

Compromiso entre Escuela-Padres 2020-2021

Nuestro Vision:

Como comunidad SOMS, nos comprometemos a proporcionar una educación de alta calidad para todos los estudiantes.

Compromiso del Personal:

Yo voy a:

  • Proveer oportunidades para que usted participe en la educación de su hijo/a
  • Trabajar duro; ser amable; abrazar los desafíos; aprender diariamente; sin excusas

Maestro/a____________________________                                                      Fecha_________________________

  • Proveer una educación de alta calidad para cada estudiante
  • Proveer un ambiente positivo y seguro en el salon de clase
  • Satisfacer las necesidades individuales de cade niño/a
  • Informar a los padres del desarrollo ye progreso del alumno durante todo el año
  • Estar disponible para conferencias con los padres


Yo voy a:

Estar plenamente involucrado en cada clase todos los díasEscuchar con

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