Cell Phone Policy


Students may not use their personal telecommunications devices (i.e. cell phones, smart watches, etc.)  on campus during instructional time.  Instructional time is defined from 8:10AM - 3:55PM.   All personal telecommunications devices shall be stored in the students backpack upon entering the building and set so that incoming calls, text messages, and the like do not emit audible sound. 

Students may not use their personal telecommunications devices to play music and/or videos out loud in any public area before, during, or after school.  A student in grades PreK-12 may use a telecommunications device to the extent authorized by a classroom teacher or administrator for instructional purposes.

Telecommunications devices shall not be used to take pictures or video at any time during the school day or on school grounds, unless authorized. 

A staff member who discovers a student in possession of a personal telecommunications device in violation of District policy shall confiscate the device and turn it over to a campus administrator by the end of the school day.

The District is not responsible for telecommunications or electronic devices brought onto campus or school-related events that become lost or stolen.