Dress Code


From the District Handbook: A necessary factor in school morale concerns student dress. As a student’s appearance many times governs his/her attitude and behavior, neat, clean, modest attire is important. Sloppy, tattered, or distractive dress detracts from the learning atmosphere and is considered inappropriate. The following rules are in addition to the district dress code. 


Students that are not in dress code will be asked to correct the issue before returning to class.  Violations of the student dress code will be assigned consequences based on the code of conduct.

School Uniform Shirts

  • Short sleeve polo-style knit with collar and sized to fit in a traditional and modest manner. It should not be too big or too tight.
  • School uniform shirts may only be navy or white in color.
  • School uniform shirts must be solid colors with logos no larger than a quarter.
  • School uniform shirts must be long enough to cover the student’s midriff when arms are raised.
  • All undershirts must be black, white or navy blue. 
  • No clothing with rips, tears, frays or cuts may be worn regardless of whether skin is showing through the torn, ripped frayed or cut clothing.
  • School spirit shirts, honor roll shirts or college shirts may be worn on Fridays but must be worn with uniform bottoms.
  • No tops with spaghetti straps, sleeveless tops, tank tops, shirts that expose the midriff when arms are raised or clothing with rips, cuts or tears. 

School Uniform pants, skirts, shorts, or jumpers

  • School uniform pants, shirts, shorts, or jumpers may only be khaki or navy blue.
  • School uniform pants, skirts, shorts, or jumpers must be cotton twill. Denim or legging type pants are not allowed. 
  • School uniform pants, shorts, skirts and jumpers must be longer than the students fingertips 
  • School uniforms pants, shorts and skirts  must be size appropriate and not fall below the waist.  .
  • Tight-fitting attire such as stretch fabric/spandex is not allowed.
  • Black, white or navy leggings may be worn only underneath  the appropriate uniform shorts, skirts or pants.

Sweatshirts/Jackets & Coats

  • Students may wear a long sleeve navy blue sweatshirt either with the SOMS logo or plain with no logos or designs.
  • School uniform sweatshirts must be worn over a school uniform shirt with a collar.
  • No hoodies of any kind are allowed at any time on campus.
  • Jackets and coats may be worn to school on cold weather days, but must be put into backpacks on arrival to school.
  • Jackets and coats may not be worn or carried during the school day. Students may wear an approved sweatshirt.



  • It is recommended that students wear tennis shoes.
  • Students are not allowed to wear solid red or solid blue shoes.
  • Students must wear shoes that allow for safe movement throughout the building; slides, slide on shoes, shower shoes, water shoes, flip-flops, slippers, Crocs, shoes with wheels or house shoes are not allowed anytime including free dress days. 
  • Students must wear their shoes securely fastened at all times.


  • Hair should be neat and well-groomed (designs/cut-outs on head or eyebrows not allowed).
  • Hair must be a natural color.
  • No facial hair on boys. 
  • Hats, hairnets, do-rags, sweatbands, and bandanas are not allowed.
  • Headbands should be no more than 3 inches wide.


  • Students will not bring cosmetics to school.  To include make up, tweezers, straighteners, and grooming accessories
  • Cosmetic fingernails and eyelashes should be a natural length.


  • Students may not wear large earrings such as hoops or dangling earrings  larger than a quarter.
  • Chains, necklaces, etc. must be worn inside a shirt and not visible.
  • Piercing of the face will be limited to the ears only. Gauging of the ears is not allowed. Piercing of the eye area, brows, lids, forehead, scalp, cheeks, nose, lips, tongue, chin, or neck is prohibited.  
  • Jewelry that is pointed or sharp may not be worn.
  • Earbuds may not be brought to school.
  • No headphones are allowed on campus
  • Students may not write or mark on themselves or others with pens, pencils, temporary tattoos, etc.
  • No graffiti or writing on backpacks.

Free Dress Day Dress Code:

Free dress days are given at the discretion of the Campus Administration as a reward for positive behaviors.  On free dress days the dress code will be our normal dress code with the following exceptions:

  • Students may wear a shirt that is not the normal style and color of our school uniform.
  • Students may wear pants or shorts that are not the normal color or style of our school uniform, i.e. Students may wear jeans.  


Free Dress days do not allow students to:

  • wear clothing with rips, tears, or cuts.
  • wear clothing that exposes the midriff when arms are raised shoulder height.
  • wear tops with spaghetti straps, sleeveless tops or tank tops. 
  • wear outerwear such as jackets or hoodies.  Students may wear a non-hooded sweater or sweatshirt.  
  • have or wear non-natural hair colors, hats, hair nets or other non-approved headwear
  • wear slides, shower shoes, water shoes, flip-flops, slippers, Crocs, shoes with wheels, slide on shoes, open toed shoes or house shoes are not allowed at any time including free dress days.
  • wear pajama tops or bottoms.
  • wear spandex, tights, yoga pants.
  • wear clothing with inappropriate content.


Clothing, badges, and/or tattoos, which display obscenities or sexual innuendo; depict violence or weapons; advertise or promote alcoholic beverages, narcotics, tobacco, or other prohibited substances; displays gang affiliation or worn in a manner that communicates gang affiliation; or items that could be viewed as offensive to others are not permitted.


Students found to be in violation of the dress code will be subject to disciplinary action.  Class time missed for dress code violations will be unexcused. 


**The administration reserves the right to amend the dress code as styles change, and as it sees fit.


In all situations regarding dress code, the decision of the grade level principal is final.