Dress Code

Spring Oaks Middle School


Dress Code Requirements


Masks should be worn at all times.

  • No graphics on masks


The dress code is in place to provide for a safe and distraction free environment. As concerns arise the administration reserves the right to modify the dress code at any time during the school year.

·       Short sleeve polo-style knit with collar and sized to fit in traditional, modest manner (not oversized or too tight).

·       Navy or White in color.

·       Shirts must be solid colors, logos no larger than a quarter.

·       No exposed midriff – shirts must be long enough to cover midriff when arms are raised.

·       All undershirts must be white or navy blue (short or long sleeve).

·       No clothing with rips, tears, or cuts may be worn (even on free dress days).

·       School spirit shirts or college shirts on Fridays only with uniform bottoms.

Pants, skirts, or shorts

·       Pants, shirts, or shorts must be khaki or navy blue.

·       Pants, skirts, or shorts must be cotton twill (jeans or legging type pants not allowed).

·       Shorts, skirts, and Capri pants must be no higher than the knee.

·       Pants must fit appropriate to student size and should not fall below the waist.

·       Tight-fitting attire such as stretch fabric/spandex is not allowed.

Sweatshirts/Jackets & Coats

·       Long sleeve navy blue with SOMS logo or plain navy blue with no logos or designs.

·       Must be worn over a uniform shirt with collar underneath.

·       No Hoodies of any kind are allowed at any time (Not on free dress days as well).

·       Jackets and coats may be worn on cold weather days and must be worn over approved sweatshirt.

·       Jackets and Coats may not be worn during the school day.


·       Tennis Shoes preferred and need to be gray, brown, black, or white.

·       No solid Red and no solid Blue shoes allowed.

·       Shoes must allow for safe movement throughout the building; Shower shoes, water shoes, flip-flops, slippers, or house shoes are not allowed.

·       Shoes must be securely fastened at all times.


·       Hair should be neat and well-groomed (fades/cut-outs on head or eyebrows not allowed).

·       Hair must be a natural color.

·       No facial hair on boys. 

·       Hats, Hairnets, Do rags, Sweatbands, and Bandanas are not allowed


·       Girls may wear hoop earrings (no larger than a quarter). Boys may wear small stud earrings (no hoops)

·       Chains, necklaces, etc.  Must be worn inside shirt and not visible.

·       No visible facial piercings (lips, nose, eyebrows, etc.)

·       Earbuds may not be visible during school hours (only used by direction of a teacher)

·       No headphones allowed.

·       No body marking with pens/pencils