Grading Addendum

Grading Addendum

These campus grading guidelines are specific to Spring Oaks Middle School.  This addendum can be found on the campus web page.  You may contact your child’s grade level principal if you have any questions about the SBISD or Spring Oaks grading policies.  The SBISD secondary grading

Expectations can be found at:


All students will have the opportunity to improve their grade through retesting.  Students may retest regardless of their original grade.  Students must request a retest from their teacher within one week of receiving original test results. Before retesting, a student needs to attend at least one small group intervention or one tutorial with their teacher.


Homework is given at the discretion of teachers and is counted in the daily grade category.  Homework assignments can include but are not limited to extension and intervention activities, 30 minutes of reading or additional practice.


Notification of major tests are given at least three days in advance and review sheets or notes provided in advance.  The SBISD grading expectations require at least two major grades per grading period.

Tutorial Hours

Spring Oaks holds tutorials Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:55-4:55 PM. Teachers will post their tutorial days and times outside of their classroom.  Morning tutorials can be made by appointment with the student’s teacher.

Missing Assignments

Students will have opportunities to turn in missing assignments. It is the responsibility of the student to communicate with the teacher and make arrangements to complete missing assignments. SOMS has chosen to accept missing assignments through the end of the current grading cycle.

Grading Categories

            Spring Oaks Middle School, in alignment with the SBISD grading expectations, requires that all categories and percentages are standardized by department or grade level content teams.  These grading categories and percentages must be approved by SOMS administration. No assignment will count for more than 25% of the student’s grade.

Standards for Individual Assignments

The assignment of points on individual assignments is based on content objectives.  Grades for assignments must be based on academic performance on TEKS based skills and concepts.  The exception to this is a student may lose up to a maximum of 10 points for repeated omission of his/her name on the assignment.

Extra Credit

Students may earn extra credit through extra assignments related to the curriculum. Extra credit is offered at the teacher’s discretion as part of intervention and extension activities.  Extra credit is not required.  Each content team will standardize their extra credit policy and include the policy on their course syllabus.

Contacting Parents

All Spring Oaks staff are expected to maintain frequent communication with parents. In accordance with SBISD policy, teachers are required to contact parents immediately if a student's academic grade is failing,  in danger of failing or drops two or more letter grades after a progress report.  A parent contact is also required if a student will be issued an N or U in conduct.  Any U in conduct must be pre-approved by the grade level administrator and include a behavioral support plan for the classroom with input from parents, student, teacher and grade level administrator.

Excessive Absences

SOMS adheres to the SBISD Attendance Policy and Practices in accordance with the Texas Education Agency.  The SOMS attendance office and grade level principal will review attendance regularly throughout the year for all students.